The boys a few days after the hockey game go to a spring league ball game.  Oakland was playing but the main attraction was Wil Ferrel who was shooting his movie where he played all nine positions in nine different ballparks.  The second photo is after the game where we met up with some other Vernonites for drinks and appies.
The boys of Spall going to a hockey game at Glendale Arena between the Canucks and the Coyotes, Mar. 2015.
I had been working in the oil patch area in February, 2015 and Gerry and Brian Osachoff invited me to come stay with them in Anthem, a suburb of Phoenix.  Donny Helm was to arrive a few days later.  This photo depicts the 10 day supply of fun.  The vodka was of high quality for 5 o’clock martinis and every so often you would have to “Release The Kracken”. The other bottles were just $13.99 of pure laughter.

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