Margo Pepper

Pam and I have known each other since were were 11 years old, please don’t do the math. We saw each other through teenage strife, starting our way out in life with many adventures, heartaches, triumphs and losses, and always a lot of laughter. We have always had each other’s backs.

Like many of us we may have spent a little time at the Kal, OK more than a little time. Fridays nights it was a great place to debrief and have some laughs after our work week.  Saturdays were dedicated to a regular group and we’d play a few ponies. We always left with a smile.  We were often joined by Momma O who always lent much laughter to our table with her tongue in cheek humor and that twinkle in her eye.  Gerry always made a point of going around the pub to greet his customers, not just customers, he treated you like a guest. Gerry didn’t care if you were off the street or a CEO.  Everyone was treated the same.

Over time Gerry appeared to linger at our table a bit longer if Pam was there and it was interesting that if a chair by Pam became vacant he would suddenly appear at just the right time. Some good natured teasing went on for some time. Gerry never missed an opportunity to toss a good natured tease ones way. He was a pro at quick wit and verbal retort.

It was wonderful to see Pam so happy and watch her and Gerry blend their families to become one. The amazing travels and opportunities Gerry and Pam experienced together and trips Gerry took with other family members and friends was wonderful to experience, vicariously, with them. I was so lucky as Pam skyped with me many times from amazing locations, once showing me the monks, in their orange robes, long boating down the Mekong River. Who gets to do that? It was awesome.

Watching Pam and the family thrive by being surrounded by Gerry’s love and security is something I will always be thankful for. Bless you Gerry, trying to find the words to say how much you will be missed is almost impossible as you touched so many lives it is beyond count.

Happy trails dear Gerry. I trust the beer is cold, the drinks are plentiful and you are enjoying a drink or two with Momma O.


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