Pam and Randy Page

It has been two weeks since Gerry left us to join his beloved Momma O. I think it has taken this long for his loss to truly sink in.
As has been said so many times, Gerry was “larger than life” in every way. A big bear of a man, always smiling and laughing. And that’s the way I saw him, until I really got to know him.
Just by chance, Pam and Gerry and Randy and I traveled together to the Oregon Coast in September 2014. It wasn’t supposed to be just four of us, but we will be forever grateful that it was. During those three weeks we got to know each other very well. I came into the trip with preconceptions about both of them-partiers, good golfers, regular Good Time Charlies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But we came to know them as very intelligent, very perceptive, very generous people in addition to the Good-no, Great Time Charlies I had previously thought.
We had such a great time we did Oregon again in 2016 and if I mentioned All Star Liquor Store right now Gerry would smile.
We are forever grateful for the opportunity those and other trips gave us to regard Pam and Gerry as lifelong, treasured friends.
When that “cold with the cough that wouldn’t go away” seemed to affect Gerry so badly, we worried. He was not himself. His voice changed. His enthusiasm for any and every adventure went away. We didn’t know what was going on, but Gerry did.
How can someone who can barely speak entertain and engage scores of visitors? How can someone be so generous of spirit to ask you where YOU are going on YOUR next big trip? How can someone be so adorable that when you see him he points to his cheek and you know he wants a kiss? How can someone be so thoughtful that in his last days he is working out every angle for those he will soon leave behind? How is it possible for Pam, their family and all of their friends to go on without such a kind, talented, intelligent, generous man? You tell me. Please.
Pam, you know we love you forever.
Gerry, you have left a huge hole in our hearts. So grateful for your love and all the good times. You are one of a kind, dear friend.
With much love, Pam and Randy Page.

Phoenix, February 2015


Oregon 2014


Lake Chelan May, 2016


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