Pam Robertson

Just wanted to share the story behind the Birthday cake, as you can clearly see the cake is for Halloween and Gerry was grocery shopping and noticed this poor little cake on for 50% off so he had yet another great idea, “Why not buy the cake for Pam’s birthday since it is not that far off” (my birthday is November 4) so he had the staff change the occasion from Halloween to Birthday and just added my name to it. The staff roared they thought that this was too funny and that was the reaction at the Bank where I work as he proudly brought it in to give it to me.

Gerry’s mind was filled on ways to make people laugh as you all know and he was very good at it from saying things with such a straight face that you were never sure whether to believe him or not and let me tell you after 16 years he still had me guessing……good for him!

April 1 was always a day that I dreaded cause I knew something was coming from baby powder in my hair dryer so that I thought I was on fire to Vaseline on the toilet seat, yep funny Gerry, I used to tell him “You are not as funny as you think you are” but he was and who am I trying to kid.

I will miss him forever but treasure the stories that you are telling as it makes my heart warm to know that he was loved by so many. Till we meet again.


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