Rob Tornberg

A lil’ ditty about a good man…and y’onions.

Have had the pleasure of Gerry in my life for the past 18 years. Little did I know how much he impacted my life, along with my family. More than a friend, big brother and confidante a person that saw humour in everything.

My step son Ryan had a strong connection with Gerry. Many a Friday afternoon/evening during NFL season he would join the group of us to help pick the games of the week. Ryan is Autistic and when faced with large gatherings can be a bit overwhelming. As always, Gerry had a warm welcome for Ryan. One particular evening Gerry orders Ryan a hotdog. The waitress asks if he wanted onions on it to which Ryan replied y’onions? Gerry instantly feeds in on the word and they banter back and forth saying the word y’onions for a good portion of the evening. It became a tradition for Ryan and Gerry to greet each other with y’onions as their secret greeting word and a laugh. One time when out with Ryan and Lisa, an order of y’onion rings showed up to our table, followed by a wave from across the room from Gerry giggling to himself.

Gerry, I hope that you and Momma O are enjoying happy hour together…


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